1. The estimates are free.
  2. There is no hard sales pitch.
  3. We are able to answer most questions or know how and where to get the answers.
  4. We can set up appointments at your convenience.
  5. We will take pictures for both the customer and your insurance company.
  6. We are able to deliver samples upon request.
  7. We are able to answer all ventilation questions.
  8. We value your time and ours.
  9. Most of our appointments are 20 minutes or less.
  10. We are licensed and insured
  11. We pull permits in all communities where required.
  12. We clean up and haul away all debris.
  13. We follow all recommendations of manufacturers to assure their warranty.
  14. We are able to advise on what products and services are best for your home.
  15. Half down is required and the balance is owed upon completion of the job.
  16. We accept Visa and Mastercard, check or cash.
  17. We are very respectful of landscape and property.
  18. You work directly with the owner’s David or Sharon Chess
  19. We have been in business since 1974.

Contact Us

Contact us today at (248) 398-1050 or click here for a free roofing or siding estimate.

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