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The Story of Chess

Always being aware of the customer’s needs and skepticism we approach each home owner with assurance that we care as much about their home and landscape as they do. Our goal is to walk away from every job with pride knowing we pleased our home owner and put their skepticism to rest.

Achieving this goal Chess Roofing and Siding has consistently remained a primarily repeat and referred business.  We show every homeowner confidence and respect.

Hi – we’re David and Sharon Chess –

Chess Roofing & Siding began in 1974 originally as Chess Home Improvements. During the early years founder, David Chess, did all types of home building, renovations, improvements and repairs.

David has a Maintenance and Alterations License from the State of Michigan and is licensed in Heating & Cooling.  This broad spectrum of skills and licensing allows him to work on many levels in building with exception of electrical and plumbing.  The Maintenance and Alterations license assures that David is well versed in the multi levels of building trades.

During the early years of Chess the business was primarily focused in Hamtramck, Michigan where David’s family lived.  Then he moved to Ferndale, Michigan.

At the young age of 23, David bought his first home on Edgewood street in Ferndale.  This would be his first opportunity to fully renovate an existing home from top to bottom and turn it into his very first investment property.  Experiencing great success, David has purchased and renovated many homes in the Metro Detroit area for others and for himself with great success. Having the confidence and encouragement from others he started Chess Home Improvements.

While working on a home in Ferndale his large panel truck was parked outside the job.  He heard some commotion and looked out the window and witnessed someone stealing his work truck with thousands of dollars of tools and equipment inside.  The truck and tools were never recovered. Not having the funds to repurchase all that was lost he decided then to focus on one thing and do it well.  The company began its focus on roofing and the company name then changed to Chess Roofing & Siding.

In July, 1999, David met the lovely Sharon who would soon become his wife and business partner. Together they have grown the company to one that has achieved great success and respect over much larger competitors. Not surprising when you see this power couple in action.

Chess has managed to survive and recover two severe recessions and one National tragedy in almost four decades of existence.  This is largely due to the personal integrity of David, Sharon and the people who work for them. This multi-talented team keeps up with the constant changes of products and processes of the roofing and siding business.

Chess pricing has always been fair and competitive.  David and Sharon do not offer large incentives only to come on the back end with costs that should already be included. Chess Roofing & Siding has successfully completed over 7,000 jobs in the Detroit Metro area.

Thank you to all of the supporters of Chess Roofing & Siding from now and into the future.

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Contact us today at (248) 398-1050 or click here for a free roofing or siding estimate.

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